Tour overview

Exploring Himalaya has been a traveler’s dream since unknown times and our exclusive mountain program allows you retrace the old trade routes connecting Kullu valley and Lahaul valley over Hampta Pass. The trek commences from a village near Manali ascends through alpine meadows, gushing streams, rivers; the grazing ground of shepherds. Gaining the elevation on day one, cross Hampta pass the following day and it definitely tests your walking skills and patience! From the top enjoy panoramic views and plunge down to the foot of Indrasan Glacier for overnight. Day three is reserved for full day exploration up to the base of Indrasan Peak (6221 meters), a thrilling experience as we advance through the glacial bed and detailed introduction of the technical mountain terms by mountain experts. On day fourth conclude your Himalaya adventure and hike down to the road head of Chattru. A thrilling drive along Chandra River and crossing Rothang Pass, reach Manali for late afternoon.


  • Trekking Equipment
  • Permits
  • First Aid
  • Medical Kits

Day 01: Manali – Prini – Jobra – Chikka – Balu Ka Gera

Arrive in Manali early morning, post breakfast, drive 45 minutes as we reach Jobra, the starting point of the trek. The full day hike passes through gushing Rivers, Rolling Meadows and a symposium of rare Himalayan flora. Exciting River Crossing sessions, stunning topography and valleys mirrored by lofty snowcapped peaks, marks the first day.
Driving duration: 60 minutes
Hiking duration: 05 – 06 hours

Day 02: Balu Ka Gera – Hampta Pass – Shiagoru

Today after early breakfast, negotiating the glacial bed of the pass, advance through the hard packed glacial snow; reach to the top of Hampta pass. The pass offers panoramic views of CB range and famous Indrasan 6221 m and Deo Tibba 6100 m. Plunge down through a steep descend to the foot of Indrasan Glacier and follow the course of glacial rivulet to reach Shigoru.
Hiking duration: 06 – 07 hours

Day 03: Shiagoru – Indrasan Base Camp – Shiagoru

Today tie your boots tight and embark on an adventurous day hike to the base of Indrasan Peak. The hike is an inclusion of Height Gaining, negotiating Moraine and Glacier with the stunning view of Indrasan and Deo Tibba!
For evening hike down to Shiagoru.
Hiking duration: 06 – 07 hours

Day 04: Shiagoru – Chattru – Gramphoo – Rothang Pass – Manali

Bidding goodbye to the Mountain Gods, descend down from the meadow of Shiagoru to
Chattru. The sharp descend passes through the gushing waters of Indrasan Glacier as we see River Chandra with small settlement of Chatru. Post lunch, continuing the thrill of Himalayan Adventure, drive to reach Manlai over Rothang Pass for evening.
Hiking duration: 03 – 04 hours
Driving duration: 04 - 05 hours